Jean-Jacques BOUCHET and Marie-Christine MARRO-BOUCHET have shared the same passion since their childhood.

Jean-Jacques was initiated, at the age of 23, to meditation by a Indian Master.

He was then trained by an eminent dowser and continued all his life research in the field of natural health methods which form a harmonious whole with the techniques for healing our emotional wounds and spiritual development.

Marie-Christine practiced and taught the Martial Arts for 37 years.
She is also trained as a landscaper.

She perfectly assimilated the dowsing test methods and the channeling of the energy of Spiritual Guides that Jean-Jacques practice for a long time.

Both give consultations together and put their complementary skills at the service of their patients.

Indeed, health and inner harmony are built by integrating and practicing the different elements that act in synergy:

  • Healthy food adapted to each individual's temperament
  • Consumption of pure alkaline water
  • Positive thought
  • Physical exercises
  • Healing of our emotional wounds
  • Practice of meditation
  • Connection to our higher consciousness
  • Life in a healthy habitat with a high vibratory field ...
All these methods promote physical, mental, emotional well-being and contribute to our spiritual evolution.

Jean-Jacques has developed the Aleph device, the result of research on form waves, which re-harmonizes places of dwelling (geology) and neutralizes harmful waves and has created Sephir and Shin pendants for protection and rebalance of energies.

Jean-Jacques and Marie-Christine give numerous workshops and conferences.