We all wonder about which foods are good for us, which foods are actually good for us.

We have a food map, just like we have our own fingerprints.

This is why each one is absolutely unique, a different Universe..
This is how we sometimes like the same foods and they don't come across in the same way at all.
In a few words, everyone will assimilate, digest, eliminate differently.
What is true for one is not for the other.

Therefore, we can help you..
Our experience for more than 40 years concerning food, acid-base balance, dowsing, allows us to find your balance.

Why do most people not eat the right foods for their metabolism?

  • Lack of self-knowledge and temperament, according to Hippocrates, to which we belong (blood, lymphatic, bilious, nervous)
  • Lack of feeling about your body, in reaction to foods that do not suit us (acids, sugars, cold)
  • Parental eating habits (custom, origin)
  • various sources of unsuitable information (vegetarianism, veganism, raw food, ketogenic, omnivorous, carnivorous, etc.) not taking into account our particularity
  • influence of our emotional programs (foods that comfort us)

We have food mapping just like we have our own fingerprints.

You want to feel better in your body, to digest well, to lighten up, or on the contrary to take shape or to improve your physical and intellectual performances, to correct certain disorders

Whatever your reasons, these tests will be beneficial for you.
You will know what to avoid and what foods will help restore and maintain good health (each food is tested for you alone)

With a few tools and monitoring, at your own pace, you will find better health, rebalance your body and your mind as well as the taste of food and life.

Our life is changing

Our way of eating has evolved

Our diet should be adapted to what really suits us