Our emotional wounds, our unwanted programs, our parents' behavior patterns are stored from our conception in cellular memory.

Until the age of 7, a child's brain works on Theta waves in a hypnotic fashion.

   He therefore records unconsciously all ways of thinking, reacting to situations
   of his parents and relatives.
   To this are added the emotional wounds, consequences of his life context.

   Les chercheurs estiment que notre subconscient nous influence à 95%, ce qui réduit à 5%
   notre créativité consciente.

   We become who we are, when we free ourselves from all that is not Us.

   We use a method of erasing these emotional wounds based on
   the conscious and programmed channeling of Quantum field which is the expression of Source,
   of Sophia.



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Thus, it is possible ...

During one session, all the energy received continues to work for about 3 days. This clears 10-15% of the injuries and programs targeted for that session.

Temps de séance conseillé: 30 à 45 min  –  70 ou 100 €