A great practice of dowsing for more than 40 years allows me through the use of a pendulum to test the energetic state of your body and its components.

This pendulum transmits information coming from our Higher Consciousness and gives precise data to which our mind does not have access

Thus, it is possible to make an evaluation of:

  • Your physical vitality

  • Your psychic vitality (morale)

  • The energy of your different organs

  • Measuring the various systems at work in your body
  • Deficiencies in vitamins, mineral salts ...
  • And to test the food supplements, plants, essential oils and flower essences that you really need

       It is also important to test: 

  • The emotional loads, shocks and stresses that often put the brains in saturation and create a lot of nervous and emotional tension.
    This state of saturation creates a lot of agitation in the mind.

  • The energy field of your Aura and subtle bodies
    Any interference and negative charges that may affect it.

  • Geobiological disturbances, harmful wave impregnations coming from your place of residence and which can greatly affect your energy.      

Consultation time: 30 to 45 min

70€ ou 100€