This journey is called "Regression", it is a return of consciousness to past lives or to older periods of this life.
During this treatment, Jean-Jacques proposes a setting in deep relaxation, a state which allows to remain perfectly conscious, in complete safety.
Thus, the return to past lives is very easy, guided by the voice.
During the regression, the support is total.
Regression can significantly help break free from conflicts and problems
from the moment.
It is indeed a way to bring back useful information to enrich our life
and understand where some of our fears come from or some of our blockages that may seem "incomprehensible"

Tarif: 150€

Durée: 1h30 min

Some people may, for example, have an unreasonable fear of water or fire, or feel immense uneasiness in the face of a bladed weapon, and discover that these fears are linked to a previous violent death ...
Thanks to this guided and supervised trip, these fears will disappear once the trip is over.